Tuesday, March 15, 2011


since i didn't have enough to do in my life (dripping with sarcasm), i felt like a new blog was a great idea. the scoop: i am a full time attorney, full time wife to the best husband ever (the "Rep"), i have a 3 year old boy ("Babydoll") and a 9 week old baby girl ("Ro-Ro")...i just traded in my pimpin' escalade for a used mini van and we just sold our new house for an old, antique house with more space, higher utility bills and an impending kitchen renovation attached to it. but, i wouldn't change it for anything. we blogged about the adoption of our children, and i feel that blog should be dedicated to just that. so i will still post there about the kids, about ethiopia, about adoption and about an impending additions to our family. here, in this spot, i will wax on about my renovations, my revelations, all of my "projects" (i actually do upcycle virtually anything i can get my hands on and i dabble in sewing), things i love, things i hate and of course, life as a mama. i am pretty sure the next year of my life will play out like a season of "this old house"...with screaming children in the background. if that is not enticing, i don't know what else would make someone want to follow along...

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