Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i had better start stretching...

my pointer finger...i bought can after can of spray paint at home depot this weekend for some of my projects. i told the Rep that it will be a painting extravaganza at our current abode this weekend so i can get some of my pieces done prior to moving.
on the agenda:
a magazine box that was custom made, solid wood that i picked up at a yard sale and intend to paint and antique...color yet to be determined...
an old urn that i am going to paint a metallic nickel color as my ode to the pottery barn photo i saw including one as an umbrella stand which i can't find now for the life of me.
the student desk that will be my student desk in a lovely shade of turquoise
a document organizer that i picked up at a yard sale that is solid wood and will be perfect to put in the office to separate school papers, bills, mail, etc...i believe i am going with black.
i also, really, really wish i could find these or something like them on the uber cheap:

i am on the hunt for a chair for my sewing room that i will have in the new, old house. i also need an armoire for Ro-Ro's room and a dresser for the guest room. oh- and a chandelier for the dining room. it never ends.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

New site I love

I stumbled upon this site and I signed up for roughly 30 free samples. You should too! The new, old house will soon be buried in samples.
Told you I am cheap! :)


Saturday, March 26, 2011

looky looky

so, in an incredible streak of luck, i won a stella&dot jewelry giveaway on st. patty's day. these incredible earrings arrived today. i mean, really? could they be any prettier? my iPhone photo doesn't even begin to do them justice. not even close. i can already picture them with a black top or dress. or a white tank and my AG boyfriend jeans this spring/summer. i clearly need a babysitter so i can go out and wear these lovelies. i am also probably going to order them in the other color. because they rock that much.
you know what also will look fantastic with my white tank and boyfriend jeans? and also with a suit to work? and a t-shirt and shorts? and a black dress? this little beauty...
it is long and fantastic and again, i can't do it justice with my photography. i will try to get a shot soon where i am wearing it (which might have taken place today had i thought about it because i have been sporting it about town). in the meantime, you should 1) get really excited for the stella&dot catalog show that i am going to be doing after the move to the old, new house; and 2) go right now and like annette warnick's facebook page so you can get some fantastic jewelry. then come back and tell me which pieces you like the best!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

a little divine of mine thursday

excuse the fact that this image isn't great...it is from my phone. this is the chandelier in Ro-Ro's room. it hangs in the corner and is really the focal point of the room. i picked it up in broad ripple when we were actively on the waitlist for ethiopian adoption #2 (before we ever knew that Ro-Ro or the option of Ro-Ro even existed). the Rep actually spotted it in the store window and pointed it out to me as something he thought would be great in our little girl's room. and it is. it is one of my favorite items in our home. it was not overly pricey and when it is turned on, it brings life and light to the room. i certainly consider it to be a little divine of mine. what do you have in your home or life that you think is divine? an old photo? your dog? a pair of jimmy choo stilettos? a cold beer in the fridge? i want to know! comment or link and share!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

missing in action

i have been missing in action for the past few days. i am back to work full time now and busier than ever. plus, the Rep is out of town for business this week. so, i have been juggling both lovely children and work AND the odds and ends to get our home closing lined up (tentatively scheduled for april 5 with possession absolutely on april 15). i feel like i am about 2 seconds shy of a mental break at times this week (see the photo of me above. ha). at other times i think what a great job i am doing juggling this while the Rep is gone. someone once told a former co-worker of mine who is also a mother, that at some point she was going to have to choose between being a good mother and a good lawyer...the person who said that was of course a man. there are moments when i think this might be true- but this week, i say WRONG. i am doing a nice job of doing both. Babydoll loves daycare.  it is more of a school environment and he thrives there. Ro-Ro is spoiled by her teachers since OBVIOUSLY she is the cutest one in the class. she is also the youngest- so that helps. i don't feel as guilty because they don't cry at drop off and i know they are cared for. plus, i get a little break for social interaction sans babies, even if it is at work.

one the Rep gets home i am going to post my yard sale find "before" pictures from this past weekend. i have to take said pictures, download, resize and then upload. so, you can see why i might want some reinforcements on the home front. i must say i am very excited about a desk i picked up for $15 that will become my sewing/crafting desk. i hate that word "crafting"...but i digress. then as i get to work on my projects i will post the end results. since my chalkboard project has gone by the wayside for now until i get the materials on the cheap, i can move on to things like my desk and the other super cool items i picked up.

tomorrow is "a little divine of mine" thursday. so, if you would please comment and share something in your life that is divine in your eyes on tomorrow's post- i would LOVE IT. you can link to a photo or a blog post or simply leave it in the comments. it can be anything. last week mine was salt shakers for cripes sake. it can be your children. furniture. a loaf of bread. something that you made. your television remote. your running shoes. i just want to see what you think is divine in your life. we all need to be thankful more often for the little things we have. even if they are owl salt shakers ;) check back tomorrow please!

Friday, March 18, 2011

cheap. skate.

that is me. so the Rep and i closed on the sale of our house today and since the children were being cared for and we had a few hours after, we went to plan out some of our renovations, pick out a stove and check out some chandeliers (insert massive clip art of a beating, love filled heart). i also wanted to grab the supplies to convert my old window to an organization center of the most awesome order. we picked out a stove, 30% off. we picked out the hardware for the kitchen cabinets and priced some other items that we are going to need. then we went about gathering the supplies for the window conversion. um, here is the deal. each item i needed was $5. by the time my bill was going to be close to $25, i put it all back. though i clearly won't get it done this weekend, i am simply not going to just buy all of the stuff for more money than i could have paid to just buy a cool, old shabby chic chalkboard. so, plan b. i still plan on doing the project, but i am going to find what i need a lot cheaper as i can, or even free. so, you will have to wait for the results. but what can i say? i am thrifty. or cheap. whichever.
to prove this, i spent the last 45 minutes planning out my yard sale route for the morning. i will have an infant child strapped to my chest as i peruse the junk of others that i plan to turn into some treasures. i. can't. wait. and i don't have to for long, because i have to leave the house at 6:30 a.m. :)
i will report the results of my yard sale-ing tomorrow.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

a little divine of mine...

while i sit here sinfully devouring my mint oreo blizzard (completely breaking my lenten vow to give up sweets as part of my trifecta of evil- fries, sweets and cussing), i was looking at my cute, cute owl salt/pepper shakers. due to their fantasticness, i wanted to share this little bit of divine in my kitchen...i am thinking of making this a weekly thursday event and ask everyone to share a little divine of theirs on this blog and i will post the photos/links. any thoughts on that? i think it is a good idea :)