Wednesday, March 23, 2011

missing in action

i have been missing in action for the past few days. i am back to work full time now and busier than ever. plus, the Rep is out of town for business this week. so, i have been juggling both lovely children and work AND the odds and ends to get our home closing lined up (tentatively scheduled for april 5 with possession absolutely on april 15). i feel like i am about 2 seconds shy of a mental break at times this week (see the photo of me above. ha). at other times i think what a great job i am doing juggling this while the Rep is gone. someone once told a former co-worker of mine who is also a mother, that at some point she was going to have to choose between being a good mother and a good lawyer...the person who said that was of course a man. there are moments when i think this might be true- but this week, i say WRONG. i am doing a nice job of doing both. Babydoll loves daycare.  it is more of a school environment and he thrives there. Ro-Ro is spoiled by her teachers since OBVIOUSLY she is the cutest one in the class. she is also the youngest- so that helps. i don't feel as guilty because they don't cry at drop off and i know they are cared for. plus, i get a little break for social interaction sans babies, even if it is at work.

one the Rep gets home i am going to post my yard sale find "before" pictures from this past weekend. i have to take said pictures, download, resize and then upload. so, you can see why i might want some reinforcements on the home front. i must say i am very excited about a desk i picked up for $15 that will become my sewing/crafting desk. i hate that word "crafting"...but i digress. then as i get to work on my projects i will post the end results. since my chalkboard project has gone by the wayside for now until i get the materials on the cheap, i can move on to things like my desk and the other super cool items i picked up.

tomorrow is "a little divine of mine" thursday. so, if you would please comment and share something in your life that is divine in your eyes on tomorrow's post- i would LOVE IT. you can link to a photo or a blog post or simply leave it in the comments. it can be anything. last week mine was salt shakers for cripes sake. it can be your children. furniture. a loaf of bread. something that you made. your television remote. your running shoes. i just want to see what you think is divine in your life. we all need to be thankful more often for the little things we have. even if they are owl salt shakers ;) check back tomorrow please!

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