Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i had better start stretching...

my pointer finger...i bought can after can of spray paint at home depot this weekend for some of my projects. i told the Rep that it will be a painting extravaganza at our current abode this weekend so i can get some of my pieces done prior to moving.
on the agenda:
a magazine box that was custom made, solid wood that i picked up at a yard sale and intend to paint and antique...color yet to be determined...
an old urn that i am going to paint a metallic nickel color as my ode to the pottery barn photo i saw including one as an umbrella stand which i can't find now for the life of me.
the student desk that will be my student desk in a lovely shade of turquoise
a document organizer that i picked up at a yard sale that is solid wood and will be perfect to put in the office to separate school papers, bills, mail, etc...i believe i am going with black.
i also, really, really wish i could find these or something like them on the uber cheap:

i am on the hunt for a chair for my sewing room that i will have in the new, old house. i also need an armoire for Ro-Ro's room and a dresser for the guest room. oh- and a chandelier for the dining room. it never ends.

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  1. I miss youuuuuu!!! Send me an email & I'll hit ya up with some update pics ;)