Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a little obsession of mine

i admit it. i am a chandelier-aholic. i can't stop looking at them. which is good, because our new, old home (i clearly need a nickname for this property) is outfitted with new, but very masculine, craftsman style lights. not only do they not really go with the traditional styling of the home, um, i hate them. as in, one night when i was particularly emotional and freaking out about the impending move, i was crying over the light fixtures and how we likely had made a horrific mistake in purchasing the home because the lights were not pretty. yep, i did that. so jody promised me lovely chandeliers and new light fixtures wherever i want them. there are 2 places where they just have wires hanging out of the ceiling and no lights up, so we are going to take what i call the "boob lights" from two rooms and put them in those spots, since they are fairly inconspicuous locations. *a boob light is one of those round, frosted glass lights that sits close to the ceiling with a finial in the middle that looks ever so slightly like a nipple. hence, boob light. but i digress.* so, since that time, i have been immersing myself in the world of lighting. and, frankly, lighting on the cheap. i plan to hit the yard sales starting this weekend and see what i can upcycle and refurbish by way of lighting but also for other parts of the house- stay tuned for that. but, i also have some pottery barn gift cards burning a hole in my pocket and i purchased a front porch light on ebay (the pottery barn mayfair sconce but ebay pricing). so, i am going to be getting this little diddy for above the kitchen sink:
and this gorgeous ball of glory for the breakfast nook:

i love you, pottery barn.

i am still searching for something for the dining room, which is the main dining area. so while i want something chandelier-ish and not too traditional, i don't want it to be too fancy. i am trying to get something a little shabby chic if possible. we also would like to eventually get one for our bedroom as well since it is currently outfitted with a ceiling fan with the world's dimmest light kit (boo, hiss) and it has to go. we may end up switching out the light kit until we find the perfect black chandelier for the bedroom, but that remains to be seen (i.e., can i wait that long). i already have my favorite chandelier in Ro-Ro's room:

do you love a certain chandelier or light fixture? send it my way...i might just put it in my house!
ooohhhh and i must say, i picked up an old 4 pane window from a consignment store that i will be turning into a chalkboard/corkboard combo unit for the new, old house. i start this weekend and i will post the before and after on here.

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